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Sep 27, 2010 The dried flowers and buds of Sophora japonica are used as a medicinal herb in China, Japan and Korea to treat bleeding hemorrhoids and .2015. jún. 15. Kód: 20120, 500 g Kígyózsíros hajerősítő pakolás Ideális száraz, stimulates local immunity Sophora japonica: restores and thickens .Feb 16, 2016 Sophora japonica, otherwise known as Japanese pagoda tree, is native to eastern China and Japan. Its beautiful white flowers make it a prized .Apr 4, 2018 The Japanese pagoda tree (Sophora japonica or Styphnolobium japonicum) is a showy little shade tree. It offers frothy flowers in season, and .Aug 30, 2013 Sophora japonica, also known as Huai Hua Mi, is edible and often used as a cool Chinese herb to stop bleeding. But the benefits of pagoda .Sophora japonica in summer foliage on the Barcham Trees nursery Sophora japonica is a delightful and interesting specimen of deciduous tree that, despite .Növényi kivonatok: Fumaria officinalis, Geranium robertianum, Sophora japonica, Galega officinalis, Linaria vulgaris, Arctium lappa, Bellis perenis), közös lovak .

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